We are as proud as punch of our student Jacob!

On Monday at 8.15am, l received this picture from a very excited Mother. Jacob was ready for school at 8.10am!! It’s incredible and exciting to see, that this educational aid, that is so easily to implemented can make such a difference in people’s lives! This result was achieved in less than a week!

Here is what Jacob’s Mam said about avail:
“Jacob has benefited so much from using the avail app. It has really helped Jacob become a much more independent boy. Getting dressed and ready for school in the mornings was always a slow painful process as Jacob would find it very difficult to stay on task e.g. dressing himself, brushing his teeth etc. It was a constant battle to get him to carry out these simple tasks and most of the time we ended up doing them for him as it was quicker. But now he comes down the stairs in the morning and uses his avail app to work his way through his morning schedule. The app keeps Jacob focused on his tasks and he uses the app to prompt the next step in his schedule. He is now independently getting through his morning.”

As you can see Jacob is a stunning little boy! I have worked with Jacob and his family for over 5 years, as an Applied Behaviour Analysis Tutor. He has learnt so many skills during this time and still continues to thrive when l present new opportunities and programmes.

Although, l have never seen progression and independence to occur as quickly since the introduction of avail.

Here are a few screenshots from his profile. His parents had identified various goals they would like to work on, which included:

  1. Getting ready for school in the morning.(Getting dressed, getting breakfast, brushing teeth, and putting on coat and bag)
  2. Personal information. (Being able to answer personal questions: What’s your name?Where do you live? etc.)
  3. When l get angry.(Social story to show techniques that Jacob should use when he gets angry.)
  4. Going shopping (Shopping social story, with affirmations to help Jacob with sensory challenges.)

I’m sure you will agree, Jacob deserved his gold star for the great progress he has achieved already!
We have spent over a year trialing and testing avail and are ready to share it with the rest of you, so you can experience the same success.
I am excited to say we are now LIVE!

You can download from here:

download on ios

download on android
If you have any questions or wonder if avail is right for your child?
Feel free to contact me.
Best Wishes,
Lisa Marie

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