Niagara College Partner with Avail Support

Amanda Shanks the Academic Head of the CICE – Community Inclusion through Co-operative Education project at Niagara College in Canada, pictured with Pete Bennett of Avail Support.  Niagara College are leading the way in Canada with academic certification of a 12 month full time work preparation and transition Certificate for students with Learning Disabilities. They are incorporating the avail® solution for use across their programme and will also provide an invaluable research study for the Canadian market over the term.
The Avail Support team looks forward to using this excellent relationship as a launchpad for wider Higher and Further Education initiatives across Canada.
If you are a college offering a similar course and interested in exploring this project or how assisted technology can excel learning goals and independence, please feel free to reach out to us here.

Avail Support selected to support Canadian National Employers Programme

We are very pleased to have been selected as a primary supporting resource for the new national initiative launched by the Canadian Commission for Rehabilitation at Work.  The Disability Confident Employer programme enables employers to gain national recognition by meeting newly set standards for the employment of people with disabilities and learning disabilities in the workplace.

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KenCrest, the first organization to utilize avail in America!

We are delighted to announce that we have just deployed the avail program with our first organization in America.

Back in March, we presented to KenCrest, an organization that supports over 11,500 individuals with disabilities in Pennsylvania, Delaware and Connecticut.

It was the first organization we presented to, and within 5 minutes their team loved our vision, impact and solution. It was an incredible feeling to not only have such excitement in the room, but to work with innovating professionals and management team who are passionately pushing boundaries and raising expectations.

Fast forward to July, and we are proud to say that KenCrest are now using and benefiting from our avail software and program. We designed a customized training course and delivered it to a group of 50 coordinators at KenCrest’s headquarters.

The training had two key elements:

  • Skill-based training for staff, to assess how they can increase independence and provide more
    opportunities for the individuals they work with, using a holistic life skills model.
  • Interactive sessions on how to utilize the software and approach with their individuals, from completing tasks analyses, creating tasks and social stories, completing assessments based on goals, generating reports and using our avail library of pre-created task.

Feedback from the group was extremely positive, with the various interactive sessions building confidence and an excellent approach to explore the skills that each individual can achieve using avail.

Here are some of the participant’s views:

 “It has the ability to give individuals independence and control of their lives”

“Very interesting program that l am looking forward to using. Wonderful training and truly refreshing approach”

“Lisa Marie is a great presenter, knowledgeable, friendly and helpful”

Brainstorming session

Within a week of implementation, the organization is already witnessing the impact and benefits of the solution. Where new tasks and behavior strategies have been created and impacting the learner’s quality of life. As the founder, it’s incredible to see the individual profiles and progress, there is no better motivation! We want each and every individual to have the same opportunities in life, like everyone else in society. The dream and long-term aim is to empower and offer avail to as many children and adults as possible. This was a significant step towards that goal, and I’m grateful to everyone who has supported us on our journey to make this happen.

Marian Baldini, CEO of KenCrest shared her excitement around the solution and demonstrates how not only will it increase independence for their clients but highlights the relevance of our data management system in increasing efficiency.

If your organization is interested in exploring avail and how it could benefit the individuals you work with, please feel free to get in touch with us for a demonstration.

Lisa Marie