Avail Support partnership with March of Dimes Canada


National Disability provider in Canada, March of Dimes Canada partners with Avail Support.

Digital cognitive platform Avail Support has formed a 3 year partnership with March of Dimes Canada to implement the avail® digital employment programme with their clients who require support to train and provide onsite support for those with disabilities.

The Accessible Canada Act

Accessible Canada Act schema

With the adoption of the historic An Act to Ensure a Barrier-free Canada (Accessible Canada Act), Canada’s first national accessibility legislation, the Government of Canada has committed to ensuring a barrier-free Canada by 2040.

With this legislation, new regulations will be developed to set out requirements for organisations to follow in order to identify, remove and prevent barriers to accessibility.

The Accessible Canada Act also specifies compliance and enforcement measures, as well as an accessibility complaints mechanism.



March of Dimes Canada provides a wide range of services to people with disabilities throughout the country. One key provision includes a full range of Employment Services to help people with disabilities to develop employment plans, prepare for work, overcome any employment barriers, and return to (or enter) the workforce. March of Dimes Canada’s Employment Specialists use the most current methods to help with job exploration and placement.

The three-year plan with Avail Support aims to build programmes, removing barriers and create new opportunities for those with disabilities to build capabilities, work readiness and reduce onsite support. Reinforcing elements of the Accessible Canada Act and best practice.


Lisa Marie Clinton, Founder and CEO of Avail Support noted how digital technology can elevate challenges both government funders and organisations face:

With the enactment of the new Accessibility Act, adoption of smart devices within this market and demand to seek remote supports due to cost there is a clear need to seek best practice approaches which are digital, outcome based and cost effective. Based on our professional experience and research we have developed and validated our programmes, demonstrating a significant return for users.”

Avail Support will be working alongside March of Dimes Canada to develop and offer employment supports to the individuals they serve, Applied Behaviour Analysis support with the implementation and creation of digital programmes for individuals seeking employment opportunities and job coaches, while demonstrating quantifiable employment outcomes based our unique data management system.

Clinton on the March of Dimes Canada partnership:

“Since our launch into Canada in 2018 we have worked with a number of employment agencies, we are excited to continue to expand our base and to announce this partnership. The 3 year partnership with March of Dimes Canada  enables us to gain more understanding of the Canadian system and to create and develop programmes directly with the March of Dimes Canada team which continue to meet the needs of the individuals and service, first in employment and hopefully across other domains on a national bases.”

Lesley Smith, Vice President of Employment Service at March of Dimes Canada, said:

“March of Dimes Canada seeks to leverage trans formative solutions to support the inclusion, choice and control of Canadians with disabilities. By partnering with Avail Support and harnessing their exciting technology as a complement to our Employment Services offerings we will further support people with disabilities across the country with achieving their employment goals.  Personalized, flexible and lifelong support will be available through this technology, further empowering people with disabilities and building their confidence to ensure positive outcomes during job exploration and ultimately, successful employment.” 

About Avail Support:

Avail Support is a multi-award-winning global health tech company; which delivers evidence based digital programmes based on principles of Applied Behaviour Analysis to those with cognitive related disabilities such as Autism, Learning Disabilities, Intellectual Disabilities and Brain Injury.

Since launching in 2017 it has gone on to support educational, employment and independent living organisations across its global customer base, delivering over 1000’s of evidence based digital prompts.